Flair Airlines Planes Seized…

Daniel Fowkes
26 Mar 2023
· Airlines 

Flair Airlines, a Canadian airline, has attracted a sizeable amount of media attention in recent history for typically the wrong reasons.

Now, the airline is suing lessors over its own 737 MAX aircraft that have been repossessed. The airline cites that the repossessions, or what has been described in some instances as “seizing”, are unlawful actions that negatively impact the business.

Airborne Capital was the one who faced the lawsuit from Flair Airlines following the repossession of multiple aircraft.

Flair has always said they’ve been up against it, potentially the underdog of an industry with many players Flair believes don’t want them operating. Whether there’s truth behind these claims remains to be seen, but Flair certainly hasn’t had it easy.

As a result of the seizing last weekend, Flair’s operations were significantly disrupted, with the specific units grounded being based across the country rather than at one base.

Some sources have indicated that payments for the planes were only days late and that the overall amount owed was marginal compared to the revenue being pulled in.

This wasn’t the first scare for Flair Airlines last year; they faced strong pushback regarding their continued operations thanks to a relationship with 777 Partners. This relationship with a Miami investment group was said to go against rules for foreign entities’ involvement in Canadian businesses and the airline. However, after a sizeable inquest, it was determined that Flair was Canadian and that they could continue operations.

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