Flair Airlines Announces Calgary Base

Daniel Fowkes
03 May 2023
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Flair Airlines will establish a new base at Calgary International as the company continues to look towards growth in the market.

Flair prides itself on being there for Canadians offering low-cost flights with a fleet of Boeig 737 aircraft.

By adding Calgary as a hub for operations, it has also signalled its intent to continue attempts to disrupt the market in Canada and establish carriers in the city through low fares.

Flair says that in July of 2023, three 737 units will be based out of Calgary, with also a maintenance facility and hangar being present. This will create jobs across the airline; with time, they see this base only growing.

Thanks to Calgary’s positioning, the airline will target key routes to destinations across the board and even as far as Mexico.

Flair knows Canadians, especially those in the Alberta province, have to pay far too much for their tickets. That’s why Stephen Jones, the President and CEO of Flair, believes adding the carrier to the city will provide more options and economic activity.

THe airline has battled over the years to prove its Canadian despite investment and support from 777 Partners. However, it won this legal battle and was permitted to continue flying. That being said, most recently, it saw 737 aircraft grounded due to payment issues.

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