Finnair Flies 1M Passengers In One Month

Finnair has announced its flown more than one million passengers in a single month for the first time since February 2020.

Carrying 1,062,500 passengers in July of 2023 this represented an increase of 6.3% over numbers reported one year prior in 2022. While also being a 6.5% increase from June 2023s perfomance.

In regards to on-time perfomance Finnair noted that 81.3% of flights arrived on schedule. Meanwhile, cargo figures also saw a substantial increase thanks to a cooperation with Qatar Airways and an increase in their Asian capacity.

The recovery for Finnair is hugely encouraging as they report a solid summer thus far.

While Finnair were largely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Russian invasion of Ukraine and subsequent airspace closure saw their operations also widely impacted.

For passenger numbers with Asian traffic there was an increase by 64.2% from the year prior. However, North Atlantic traffic decreased by 45.3%.

Finnair currently has 52 in-service aircraft with its largest fleet type measured by active units being the A350 series. 19 of these operate and it comprises 34% of the total flying fleet.


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