Engine Problems Continue For Pratt And Whitney

Spirit Airlines Airbus A320neo in Las Vegas

Pratt & Whitney has recently been at the centre of attention for difficulties with the production and supply of their engines.

As a result, aircraft worldwide powered by several engine types have been grounded or pulled from service for inspection with varying severity for each airline, some getting away luckier than others.

RTX has said that many GTF Pratt & Whitney-powered engines need accelerated removals and inspections, focusing on the A320neo. This is the latest development in a long-standing difficult period.

The rare condition labelled by those close to the matter highlights a powder metal used in manufacturing certain engine parts that need a critical inspection. This would also mean, according to RTX, that 1,200 engines could need to be inspected of 3,000 over the next year, with some immediately needing inspecting.

Some of the biggest customers that have dealt with difficulties include Spirit Airlines, JetBlue, and others on a minor scale. All this is paired with the continued global shortage of engines for Pratt & Whitney, forcing customers to lease aircraft to meet intense demand levels.

While the A320neo is the focus of the latest guidance, other GTF-affected engines stretch to other aircraft families like the Airbus A220 and Embraer with their E2 series—all-important aircraft for their respective customers.

Daniel Fowkes
27 Jul 2023
· Aircraft 
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