Emirates Sending Emergency Aid To Turkey-Syria

Emirates has announced following the earthquakes that have impacted Turkey and Syria that it will team up with the International Humanitarian City (IHC) and send relief supplies.

The supplies, which include equipment to support any on-ground recovery efforts, essential medication, and much more, will be available for those within Turkey and Syria.

Emirates says that the first shipments of the goods that are part of the agreement with IHC were on EK121 and EK117.

We stand with the Turkish and Syrian people and are working with experts like the International Humanitarian City to help provide urgent relief to those affected and displaced by the earthquakes, as well as support the complex recovery efforts on the ground. Emirates has extensive experience in supporting humanitarian relief efforts, and through its three daily flights to Istanbul will offer regular and consistent widebody capacity for relief items and medical supplies. Emirates also supports the UAE’s ongoing humanitarian efforts to support Turkey and Syria, and Dubai’s unique position as the world’s largest international aid logistics hub means that we can efficiently reach disaster stricken areas and the most vulnerable people as quickly as possible.

HH Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Emirates’ Chairman and Chief Executive

Emirates Sky Cargo has said it will provide 100 tonnes of humanitarian relief goods over the next fortnight. Once offloaded, local organisations will deliver the supplies to the impacted areas deemed to need such supplies.

Emirates has worked with IHC over a lengthy period to provide relief to those who need it worldwide. The immediate response from Emirates and IHC to act on the disaster has helped people from all walks of life, and the announcement to support Turkey and Syria is no exception.


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