Emirates Says Sorry To Customers

Daniel Fowkes
21 Apr 2024
· Airlines 
An Emirates Airbus A380 arrives into Incheon, South Korea

Emirates has openly apologised to its customers following some of the worst recorded storms that hit the United Arab Emirates. As a result, the company and its day-to-day operations were thrown into a meltdown.

On Tuesday, April 16, the UAE saw its highest rainfall in 75 years, and thus, locations such as Dubai were unable to cope with the significant rain in such a short period.

Not only was the UAE impacted by substantial rainfall, but scattered storms and strong winds made offering a robust operation nearly impossible.

The carrier diverted flights and moved them away from Dubai when possible. Ultimately, cancellations, delays, and other issues have been so high that its operations have taken a major hit.

The carrier said it was forced to cancel over 400 flights across three days following the rainfall, and substantial delays were also felt in response to the difficulties.

Unfortunately, these cancellations and delays have had a cascading effect on its customers. While many have been stuck in Dubai, away from home, or attempting to connect, the problem is far deeper. The cancellation rates will leave holes across the network for Emirates customers travelling in the coming days. Moreover, this will cause a general inability to meet the booked demand present.

Apologies Made By Emirates

Tim Clark, the airline’s President, offered his sincere apologies to every customer whose travel was disrupted. Emirates is aware of the impact and has two clear priorities in dealing with such a situation.

Clark said one of their most essential focuses was keeping their passengers safety. That means not operating flights for the sake of them that would be conducted in unsafe conditions. The second priority is to work to get the operations back on track. Ultimately, this will be the tougher part of the two focuses.

Emirates says there are also challenges now regarding staffing and many supply shortages. This will likely mean further cancellations will be required to ensure long-term stability. Where possible, Emirates says it has rebooked customers, put them up in hotels and more.

Moving Forward

On April 20, Emirates said it was slowly returning to normal, with flight schedules restored. However, a task force has been implemented to fix many problems caused by passengers being stranded.

These problems include passengers who have been unable to track their baggage. Emirates says that the task force will focus on delivering over 30,000 pieces of luggage that have either been lost or left behind.

While the airline scrambles to sort out the difficulties experienced, customers are hardly happy, and there is a lack of communication. Additionally, while under extreme circumstances, the company has been criticised for its terrible handling of the situation.

Emirates responds by understanding the frustration but clarifying that this is an out-of-the-ordinary event, which is, in fact, historic. As a result, any protocol is thrown out the window and the airline must improvise to deal with such difficulties.

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