Emirates Eyes 777-8F Or A350F Order

Daniel Fowkes
09 Nov 2023
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A Boeing 777-8 Freighter departing

According to Bloomberg, Emirates is reportedly eyeing the purchase of a new next-generation freighter from Airbus or Boeing.

A Mission To Grow Emirates Sky Cargo

Emirates has a vision to grow its Sky Cargo division in the coming decade and seeks a next-generation freighter to help it.

The growth of Emirates Sky Cargo has been more than present in recent times, especially during the global pandemic.

Emirates even were forced to lease Boeing 747 freighters to meet demand and capacity.

Therefore, the next logical step is committing to next-generation freighters from leading manufacturers.

Understanding The Options

Two aircraft options have been proposed to the Dubai-based carriers.

This includes the upcoming Airbus A350 Freighter and the Boeing 777-8 Freighter. Two leading freighters set to power companies’ operations for decades to come.

Emirates believes that now is the perfect time to evaluate the options of aircraft on offer to them and understand what will suit them best.

The next-generation freighters offer many improvements over previous freighter iterations, hence being a worthwhile investment for a group such as Emirates.

Airbus’ A350F is slated to enter service first into the market. This aided substantially thanks to the already certified and in-service A350-900 and A350-1000 passenger variants.

Whereas, the certification process of the 777-8F remains a little more up in the air following the persistent delays to entry into service for the passenger series.

Ultimately, Boeing needs to focus all attention on clearing the 777-9 before proceeding with the 777-8F and factoring in the certification of the secondary passenger variant, the 777-8.

The Emirates Sky Cargo Fleet

Emirates Sky Cargo consists of 11 Boeing 777 Freighters. Per the latest data, one unit remains parked, whereas ten are operational.

Therefore, a potential switch to Airbus would make an interesting pivot for the group. This switch is something being considered by executives currently.

Emirates must ensure the aircraft they select harbours as much efficiency and potential.

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