Dubai Eyes Airport Expansion

Daniel Fowkes
15 Apr 2023
· Airport 

One thing the global pandemic did was halt many companies’ expansion plans within the aviation industry. While often directed back towards airlines, there were also suspensions on plans to expand airports around the globe. After all, discussions were put on hold with air travel plummeting and airports trying to understand what to do with so much space expansion.

However, with demand rebounding and surging forward, those talks can commence and present exciting discussions for what’s next.

According to the latest reports locally in the Middle East, Dubai World Central or Al-Maktoum International Airport has seen important talks recommence regarding a sizeable expansion.

While Dubai World Central remains a vital airport and spot for Dubai as an aviation capital of the world, it does ultimately lag behind that of Dubai International, and its numbers over pre-pandemic performance also indicate its slower recovery, which is to be expected.

However, Dubai cannot take its position within the industry for granted. Every moment, they face additional pressure and competition from nearby neighbours that threaten the position they worked for.

As a result of new airlines incoming, especially that of Riyadh Air in Saudia Arabia, and further growth from other neighbours such as Qatar Airways and the resurgence of Etihad Airways, Dubai needs to plot just what’s next for their airports.

Meed, Middle East Business Intelligence reports that Dubai is, once more, therefore, considering a USD 33 billion investment into developing Dubai World Central further.

While details remain scarce on any work towards developing the airport, it would likely be built up further to support Dubai International, Emirates and other airlines looking to fly into an alternative airport. It isn’t uncommon for major cities, countries and much more to have secondary airports, which are equally important but maybe not as big.

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