In 2015, Dan launched Dj’s Aviation Videos, as it was formerly known, beginning by publishing planespotting content filmed from the local Melbourne Airport. Footage filmed at the time was through a Pentax. However, while unable to capture sound or focus on moving aircraft, it didn’t deter frequent spotting compilations from being released. Model aircraft was a dominant feature on the channel through the early years, from the collecting and subsequent reviews to two iterations of a 1:400 scale model airport, one by GeminiJets, the other hand-made, a process documented on the channel with great detail.
However, the passion for aviation stretched far before the channel’s launch on Youtube.


At the early age of 4, regular trips to the airport were completed, in an era before routine flight tracking notebooks were used to guess aircraft types and spot registrations. When not doing this, Matchbox cars and plastic planes were played with in the backseat. Every weekend like clockwork, routine trips were made, with the passion only growing as the years progressed, eventually moving from a point-and-shoot to a DSLR by 2015 for photography and videography purposes.


By the end of 2017, Dj’s Aviation celebrated its 3rd birthday and had a handful of thousands of subscribers. The channel, however, was at a pivotal crossroads, change the content or stop uploading. At the turn of the new year into 2018, the content moved from plane spotting and model collecting to coverage of the latest industry news and analysis. Benefitting by adopting a style of content not found on the platform, Dj’s Aviation saw record growth, amassing hundreds of thousands of subscribers in 18 months and growing a community that lives and breathes aviation.


Dj’s Aviation is one of the most watched informative aviation channels, and the leading independently run aviation publication. Reaching tens of millions per month across socials, the brand has been featured in high-profile media publications and represented at airline launches and global aviation events.

Mission Statement

The mission of Dj’s Aviation is to be the public’s first choice for leading aviation coverage worldwide. With coverage told concisely, the goal is to inform viewers of all ages and all knowledge levels. Whether you’re a seasoned pilot with decades of experience or getting to grips with understanding Airbus or Boeing’s role in the industry, the content can be easily understood, followed and consumed. Through this, Dj’s Aviation looks to open doors to more people on the developments of the aviation industry and turn interests into passions that can transfer to more planespotters, baggage handlers, pilots and further representation in the industry.