Delta Reports $363M Loss


Delta recently relaunched services to London Gatwick after a considerable time away from the airport. The airline also reported its first quarter results which presented challenges for the company. The airline said a net loss of 363 million USD for the first quarter. However, Delta is relatively optimistic about what the future holds for them, especially for the remainder of the 2023 Calendar year.

The second quarter is expected to be even more significant for Delta in the lead-up to the summer. As I’m sure you’re aware, the seasonal periods are some of the most important for airlines. While even your legacy carriers experience low points, they aren’t typically as severe as some of your Nordic pages during the winter that massively struggle or for leisure-focused airlines with multiple factors to rely on. However, it doesn’t mean that the summer season isn’t just as important for such an airline as Delta.

Revenues for the first quarter sat at USD 12.8 billion. The remainder of the year, though, will be enjoyable to track. 2022 was a fantastic year for the company, but without any significant hiccups, they believe 2023 will be more prominent with record revenue growth and much more.

While concerns around inflation are very valid and hurting us all, travel demand, according to critical executives globally, including Ed Bastian, who is Delta’s CEO, hasn’t seemed to drop off at all. They don’t forecast that for the summer season and following winter, which will all play an essential role in their eventual results.

For airlines like Delta and many markets, since the pandemic’s restrictions were dropped, people have been eager to travel, see friends and loved ones and get out there. As a result, airlines are struggling to cope with additional stresses and pressures felt by labour shortages that they’re trying to recover from. This, though, takes time, and with an industry that won’t let up and doesn’t offer the opportunity for a breather, it can be trying.

Daniel Fowkes
17 Apr 2023
· Airlines 

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