Countries Close Airspace Amid Conflict In Israel

Daniel Fowkes
14 Apr 2024
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Several countries within the Middle East are closing their airspace in respond to the upcoming attacks by Iran on Israel.

Several countries are responding to the emerging conflict in Israel as Iran launches over 100 drones towards the country.

As part of a direct response, Israel’s airspace has been closed alongside Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, Iran for VFR flights and Egypt.

The immediate reaction to close airspace comes as Iran has fired drones into Israel with the expectation these will arrive imminently in the country.

Major airlines have also made significant adjustments to their network, whether flight cancellations or major rerouting. Qantas became one of the first airlines to respond by rerouting its Perth to London flight, now via Singapore.

Additionally, several flights that are currently airborne and bound for countries that have closed their airspace are being forced to divert to other cities.

United Airlines has announced it’ll also suspend flights towards Israel a matter of weeks after first resuming services following an initial suspension in October 2023 amid a conflict breakout.

Interestingly, United Airlines was the only airline to have officially relaunched flights towards Tel Aviv, while Delta had plans to recommence service on June 7th. The other member of the big three, American Airlines, had not decided to relaunch following a suspension in 2023.

Away from flights to Tel Aviv, United Airlines also decided to halt its route towards Jordan following uncertainty over airspace and flight safety.

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