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Daniel Fowkes
03 Feb 2023
· Airlines 

British Airways came under fire in recent days following publishing a new social media policy.

The updated policy changes how employees can utilise their social media while working with the company. Employees at British Airways have longed featured around social media, from pilots to cabin crew and everything in between. These people have offered incredible behind-the-scenes at the company and life in the skies. Most have labelled them as fantastic ambassadors.

British Airways’ adjusted policy has come under fire. This is because the airline initially made changes that would mean employees could not post while professionally engaged.

However, after a significant amount of backlash, the airline released a statement saying:

We’ve given our people clarity about what’s appropriate and when. For example, when our colleagues are flying an aircraft, they’re responsible for the safety of everyone onboard. It’s not unreasonable to ask them to wait until their break to take photos…Nothing has changed in terms of the actual social media guidelines, we have just provided additional clarity about what is and isn’t acceptable. The guidelines ask colleagues not to post to social media when professionally engaged in their job (e.g. serving customers onboard, flying the aircraft).

British Airways

Employees, however, are still allowed to post on social media. British Airways says the goal is to limit the usage of such a thing while performing their duties. Essentially outlining when it’s appropriate to do so and when it’s not. An example of a time not to do so was while in the cockpit or serving customers as a flight attendant.

In addition, the airline labelled several other areas that were off-limits and could pose a safety risk to the company. Notably, there was a focus on the flight deck, passengers, crew hotel locations, flight plans, engines and much more.

Arguments have emerged that British Airways employees have long presented a commendable;e image of the airline. They’ve been a PR machine for the company, so new restrictions being implemented will impact that. It’ll be especially felt for the select pilots sharing their journeys across social media channels. This policy seems to be a reminder that it will be enforced.

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