British Airways Reveals New Uniforms


British Airways has unveiled its new uniform, a change 20 years in the making. The recently unveiled collection has been carefully designed by Ozwald Boateng OBE and will be rolled out in Spring 2023 initially to employees.

Our uniform is an iconic representation of our brand, something that will carry us into our future, representing the very best of modern Britain and helping us deliver a great British original service for our customers. From the very start this has been about our people.

Sean Doyle, British Airwyas’ Chairman and CEO
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Regarding the specifics behind the uniform. A tailored three-piece suit is available for men, with regular and slim-fit trousers. For women, there are skirts and trousers options. In addition, there is also the ability to wear a modern jumpsuit. Something fresh for the British airline.

British Airways is a global carrier, and its crew are from all corners of the globe. The airline has announced a tunic and hijab option will be readily available for employees requesting it.

Focusing on the art of flying, British Airways wanted to create a collection that respects history while leaning into the future. Highlighted through airwave pattern features across the entire uniform.

Launching the uniform has been a long process. Following the design phase, over the last six months, there have been secret trials for cabin crew to test the collection. Further to testing, engineers have also secretly worn the uniform while performing their tasks.

British Airways New Uniform

Following the conclusion of the test phase, British Airways employees could provide the company with feedback. This feedback was valuable in allowing designers to understand where they needed to improve. Whether regarding more effortless access to tools for engineers or the fit of the cabin crew’s uniforms.

Designing this uniform was a vast and painstaking undertaking and it went far beyond clothes. It was about creating an energetic shift internally. One of my main objectives was to create something that spoke to, and for, the airline’s colleagues. Something that inspired and empowered them, encouraged them to conduct their roles with pride and most importantly to ensure that they felt seen and heard. 

Ozwald Boateng OBE

Firstly, ground operators and engineers at the airline will be the first to sport the new collection, beginning in Spring 2023. Lastly, from Summer 2023, all cabin crew, pilots and check-in agents will move from old to new.

Daniel Fowkes
07 Jan 2023
· Airlines 

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