British Airways Fined By US Government


British Airways has been fined a sum of USD 1.1 million following the US government claiming that the airline did not pay customers refunds during the height of the global pandemic. These refunds stemmed directly from cancelled flights.

British Airways, of course, has immediately rejected the US government’s claims regarding not refunding passengers promptly.

The airline says it acted lawfully throughout the pandemic even though over 1,000 customers beg to differ just from this finding, claiming it was nearly impossible to get through customer service agents.

Customer service complaints have been present throughout the industry in recent years as delays, cancellations, and more all come into play, and the need to speak with an airline employee has only increased.

The London-based carrier says it’s sorry for the delays and inconveniences caused. However, it continues with the stance that it did everything possible to offer customers compensation alongside flexibility.

While a fine has been handed down that equates to USD 1.1 million because of the airline’s already significant rate of refunds processed, USD 550,000 has been automatically credited towards the penalty taken on.

Daniel Fowkes
03 Jun 2023
· Airlines 

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