British Airways Faces Another IT Disaster


British Airways were forced to cancel many flights yesterday following significant IT issues that impacted online check-in for departing flights.

This isn’t the first IT issue that British Airways has had through the years, with it seemingly an ongoing problem that emerges in the headlines every few months.

It’s an issue the company is trying to rectify; however, even with those attempts, issues still creep into the carrier’s operations, such as those with cancellations.

The computer glitch saw passengers stranded in Heathrow and also stuck on planes. While impacts were felt in Heathrow, with the airline being a global operation, aircraft in every corner of the globe felt the effects with delays in departures, processing check-in and much more.

British Airways apologised for the IT failure saying they appreciated the patience shown by customers. They were looking to identify the source of the issue and prevent it from happening again.

However, for travelling customers, the frustration was more than present as customers headed towards social media to voice their complaints over poor service from staff members and a feeling of unknown thanks to a lack of support from the airline.

In December of last year, a significant IT failure caused the grounding of flights and impacted tens of thousands and their travellers. While this is the latest major incident, it has been an ongoing problem for years.

Daniel Fowkes
26 May 2023
· Airlines 

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