Bonza Finally Wins Approval In Australia


Bonza is Australia’s newest low-cost airline and has secured its Air Operator Certification from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA).

The airline initially targeted a 2022 launch after announcing its intent to fly in 2021. However, it’s a process that was delayed significantly as it attempted to obtain certificates to fly. Having secured the certificates, Bonza can fly regionally across Australia, offering bookable low-cost flights through its app.

Initially, the airline will fly to 17 destinations, 13 from its base on the Sunshine Coast. The carrier targets locations such as Townsville, Mackay, Bundaberg and more in Queensland. However, soon Melbourne will become a critical destination for the airline, with a base also set up there.

As the business grows, the airline will also add more aircraft, more destinations and more employees. With the mission to change aviation in Australia and make it accessible to communities in the country.

A look at Bonza’s upcoming network.

Flights are expected to begin before February, and Bonza has the ambition to put flights on sale as quickly as possible. Regarding the subsequent launch, this will be dependent on several factors. Tim Jordan, Bonza’s CEO, said a launch might take days or weeks.

Bonza will operate with the 737 MAX, making them the first Australian airline to fly the next-generation aircraft. Virgin Australia operates older 737s alongside Qantas, while Jetstar has opted for the Airbus A320s, only now moving toward the A321neo series.

Since 2022 and its first aircraft’s arrival, Bonza has been seeking approval from CASA. Included in these attempts were the carrier’s approval test flights that saw it visit airports across the east coast of Australia.

Bonza Airline lands at Avalon Airport. Picture: Tony Gough

One thing that helps Bonza stand out from the crowd is its colour choice for branding, purple. Tim Jordan tells me the selection of purple as the airline’s colour is thanks to his affinity for the jacaranda tree. You can read the exclusive interview with him here.

Daniel Fowkes
12 Jan 2023
· Airlines 

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  1. Like Rex, Bonza is leaving WA until later if ever. I guess that contributes further to WA people looking north for our leisure flying rather than east as we lap up the low cost offerings of Air Asia, Batik Air and Scoot along with less expensive full service airlines like Malaysian and Garuda.

    1. Post

      It’s interesting to see where the western parts of Australia lack, but the Eastern thrive and vice versa. Tim Jordan didn’t mention any plans for the west at this stage. So, for now, the goal is to reach the eastern part of Australia and the communities around there. They want to be careful not to step on the toes of existing operators.

  2. I think bonza should put pressure on jetstar at Avalon & offer flights to Launceston,Brisbane,Sydney,Adelaide & Alice Springs.
    There is definitely a market for those regions,& it would revive the Airport.
    Currently there is only 3 flights in & out a day, wasted space with so much potential.

    1. Post
  3. What about flying from cairns to more destinations. I am sure you will make more people happy.

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