Bonza Stops Selling Summer Flights

Bonza has ceased selling flights for the upcoming summer, which promised to be incredibly busy.

The pause in selling flights means customers looking to book a flight beyond October 2023 cannot.

Bonza will review their schedule for the summer season before they release tickets. It is expected that tickets will be put back on sale next month.

News of flight bookings being suspended comes days after the Australian airline cut routes from its initial route rollout citing poor performance on some and high performance on others that required higher frequencies.

Bonza says that the cuts are all part of learning and being transparent. According to them, reacting immediately to low performance is better than waiting, and on forums, enthusiasts voiced their understanding while also criticising decisions.


  1. You won’t do well until you sell tickets through a travel agency. I would fly with you regularly but won’t do it on line. What a shame. Your loss.

  2. That is very true. I said the same to them & they basically said “oh well”. They ask far more personal details than banks when you are after s home loan.

  3. I’m just so thankful that Bonza is trying their hardest to service whatever areas they can as it’s tough times for getting staff and I can’t imagine the big boys are playing fair…..thanks Bonza I’ll definitely support you whenever I can! 🙏🏼😃🌸

  4. We’re very thankful for the great service to Bundaberg.
    Well done Bonza. It was a very expensive trip from Brisbane before your service. We’ll be using this service often.. wahoo


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