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Boeing Issues Safety Warning for 737 MAX Operators

Boeing today issued a safety warning for all 737 MAX Operators following the crash of the Lion Air 737MAX which killed all 189 onboard.

These findings were published by Boeing on the 6th of November. The bulletin indicates that the erroneous angle-of-attack sensor information is at fault and something of great concern. The angle-of-attack sensor information is absolutely critical to the 737 MAX as it avoids the stall procedures. 

The 737MAX jets when in the skies without notice could potentially pitch the nose of the aircraft downwards if the aircraft systems detect any aerodynamic stall is possible. The concern behind this is that it could happen on any MAX at any given time and the way the aircraft determines if a stall is possible is through the angle the wind passes over the wings. 

The 737 MAX with Lion Air through data showed it’s rapid descent which could indicate that this was the problem it encountered. There have already been reports of issues with the maintenance of the jet but now there is the word from Boeing it makes the situation even more startling.

The aircraft, PK-LQP requested just shortly after takeoff to return to the airport because of an incorrect airspeed indication. This wasn’t the first time that the problem was noticed. In fact, it had been present for at least 3 days prior to the crash. 


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