Boeing Deliveries Fall Again

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Boeing has reported its orders and deliveries for July, indicating a fall in deliveries while over 50 total orders for aircraft.

For July, it was a month that was primarily backed by Saudia, who ordered 39 aircraft from the plane maker.

A deal from Saudia included 21 of the Boeing 787-10s and 18 of the middle ground 787-9s as part of the efforts within the country to grow tourism, the economy and more. The new fuel-efficient widebodies will play an essential role in supporting future routes and growth undertaken by the company.

Unfortunately for Boeing, reporting 50+ orders wasn’t the only talking point, with only 43 aircraft delivered during the month just gone. This was down from the 60 delivered in June.

However, when looking at the first seven months of 2023, it is a steady increase from 2022’s performance but likely still not where the plane maker wants to be.

Continued supply chain issues, production problems that impacted earlier this year and other difficulties have prevented Boeing from making the strides it would want. That said, increasing production on programs such as the 737 MAX remains a very valid goal.

With 309 deliveries thus far in 2023, Boeing wants to increase this with time but is facing the persistent challenge of working through the backlog of delayed aircraft before it can eventually ramp up production levels and return to a more normal operating environment.

Daniel Fowkes
09 Aug 2023
· Aircraft 
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  1. Beings problems started when it moved its headquarters and the750 or so managers it moved from seattle to the new headquarters.

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