Boeing Announces 737 MAX Order

Boeing and SCAT Airlines announced today an order for seven 737-8 airplanes to expand its 737 MAX fleet. The latest order will nearly double SCAT’s 737 fleet as the airline looks to open new routes to European destinations.

Boeing has continued its strong performance following Day 1 of the 2023 Dubai Airshow by announcing another customer for its 737 MAX.

SCAT Selects The 737 MAX

SCAT Airlines has selected the 737 MAX to continue powering its narrowbody operations.

Seven 737-8s have been picked, with the order almost doubling SCAT’s overall 737 fleet. Such a commitment acts as a repeat order for an airline that already enjoys the capabilities of the MAX series across two variants.

The vision, thanks to this latest commitment, is to expand the horizons of the airline. In the future, SCAT would ideally like to offer new services to European destinations.

Through a market analysis, it deems potential European cities as lucrative markets to begin serving shortly.

SCAT is based in Kazakhstan and, as a result, has a far-reaching network both domestically and internationally.

The capabilities of the 737 MAX will allow the airline to serve better established and emerging markets. Ultimately, this is all part of the long-term vision of the carrier.

A deal between the pair comes following this order being listed as an unidentified commitment.

Comments From Executives

Today, SCAT Airlines is the most dynamically developing airline in Kazakhstan, and it has the largest aircraft fleet in the country. Replenishing the fleet with seven more Boeing 737-8 will increase the airline’s carrying capacity. It will also positively affect the timely execution of flight schedules. The company will get an opportunity to expand its route network and offer passengers even more travel destinations.

Vladimir Denissov, president of JSC SCAT Airlines.

This repeat order is a testament to SCAT’s confidence in the value, performance and reliability of the 737 MAX family. We look forward to supporting their network expansion and continuing to play an integral role in their long-term success.

Brad McMullen, Boeing senior vice president of Commercial Sales and Marketing.

Understanding SCAT’s Current Fleet

SCAT operates a fleet of 32 in-service aircraft, per the latest data from Cirium.

As part of its fleet, the airline flies a wide range of 737 variants, including 737NGs, 737-300s, 757-500s and the next-generation 737 MAX.

A commitment to the 737 MAX already exists, with SCAT flying three 737-8s and five 737-9s as part of an effort to modernise its operations significantly.

SCAT also flies the 757-200, 767-300ER and a handful of CRJ200s.

Daniel Fowkes
14 Nov 2023
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  1. Glad boeing has more orders than Airbuster. I live in the USA!! By American made products. Made by American labor.

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