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Boeing 797 Update + News

At this point, the new mid-market aircraft or NMA, dubbed to be called the 797, is still at the center of Boeing’s focus. When speaking to the media on the sidelines of the Association of Asia Pacific Airlines annual Assembly in South Korea, during the month of October, the Boeing Vice President of commercial marketing noted that airline interest is growing, but Boeing’s focus can’t just be on airlines interested. The aircraft manufacturer is heavily focusing on the production of the aircraft, establishing a business case and ensuring that they can deliver this aircraft to customers by 2025.

Speaking to the media Randy said “You have to take the time to do the right analysis,” Adding “It’s not just about what your customers want; you have to find the right airplane configuration and have the right development costs and, even more important, have the right production costs. You have to have a viable product where the costs are below the price.”

Executives have already said that in 2019 they will make a decision on whether to launch the NMA. This will be based on the business case for the aircraft and whether it is truly feasible to launch the aircraft. Airlines in America like that of Delta and American Airlines have already expressed their interest in the program. The aircraft Boeing is studying would be the ideal replacement to the Boeing 757 and part of the Boeing 767 series. With the final 757s and 767s likely departing carriers within the next 10 years gradually the 797 will be introduced at a point in time when airlines will need a replacement the most should they have not already opted for Airbus’s alternative. The A321neo series.

Meanwhile, the West further reported on developments on the configuration of the NMA noting that it would make flying economy easier than on the A320, 737 and more, with 2 aisles it means the cabin is in a 2-3-2 configuration. Boeing also defined two variants for their new NMA, likely to be named the 797-6 and the 797-7. The -6 would seat less passengers than the -7 but have the higher range. It would seat an estimated 228 passenger while the larger 797-7 would seat around 267 in both two classes. These variants would provide airlines across the world with new options in regards to routes leaving Boeing with new business. The NMA could dip into a market that would see 5,000 aircraft delivered should it be executed perfectly.

How early in 2019 or late will we find out about the NMA or 797. Well it could be sooner than expected. UK analysts are reporting that it could be soon saying “Sources tell me (Boeing) are almost there and they are really excited about this aircraft.”

If the rumours of a 2-3-2 configuration are true the 797 will become an extremely popular aircraft in terms of comfort. 



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