Bamboo Airways To End Long-Haul Flights

Bamboo Airways Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner

Bamboo Airways is undergoing a significant restructuring as concerns about its long-term future remain.

As the significant restructuring occurs, Bamboo Airways will majorly adjust its long-term future.

What Will Be Happening At Bamboo Airways?

As flagged by Aeroroutes among local media, Bamboo Airways has adjusted its long-haul schedule from the end of this month.

Bamboo will close reservations based on GDS booking systems for several routes.

This includes Frankfurt from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to Frankfurt, Melbourne, and Sydney. This is on top of other cancellations, too.

Bamboo Airways And The Boeing 787

Its fleet of Boeing 787s operates impacted routes. Therefore, this leads to several questions surrounding the future of the widebody within the fleet.

The airline only has two in-service Boeing 787-9s. However, interestingly, it has a substantial amount that remains on order.

These Boeing 787-9s have an average age of 3.8 years. This generally keeps in line with the relatively young fleet at Bamboo.

What’s Next For Bamboo Airways?

As it looks to restructure, Bamboo Airways will reportedly substantially change its operations. These changes will come into effect for the remainder of 2023 into 2024.

These changes include notably the adjustment of its route network. The company will focus on altering its strategy and removing its long-haul network.

The airline believes the new course for direction is much more suitable, focusing on critical domestic routes and high-demand international services in Southeast Asia.

Bamboo says the focus will be on narrowbody operations. Per its current fleet, the airline flies 6 Airbus A320-200s, 6 Airbus A320neos, 5 Embraer E190s, 4 Airbus A321-200s and 3 Airbus A321neos.

A Future Written On The Wall?

As reported by Reuters in September 2023, Bamboo Airways were struggling to pay pilot wages, resulting in staff departing the carrier.

It became the latest concern among a host surrounding the company’s financial aspect.

A reported 30 foreign pilots departed in June, which equated to more than 10% of the total airline pilot staff, according to those familiar with the matter.

Question marks thus emerged over the long-term sustainability of the carrier.

Daniel Fowkes
23 Oct 2023
· Airlines 

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  1. Quick, Qantas. Snap up these 787s, then you will have your extra 787s 2-3 years ahead of schedule.

  2. I think Bamboo should look at strategy similar to Virgin Australia . Remove all 787s and Embraers and stick to the A320 family on domestic and regional networks as well as short haul international

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