Who Was The Most On-Time Airline For 2022?


Cirium has named Azul of Brazil the airline with the best on-time performance for the 2022 calendar year.

Airlines globally will strive towards having on-time performance. It can be crucial for passengers to determine what airline they fly next.

While Azul secured first place as a global leader for on-time performance, Delta secured the best in North America. Thai Air Asia for Asia-Pacific, Oman Air for the Middle East and Africa, and Iberia in Europe.

A look at the global airline leaders for on-time performance for 2022 – Cirium

To have such on-time performance is a testament to the company’s employees. 2022 presented countless challenges to the industry that rebounded from the COVID-19 pandemic.

From staff shortages to sickness, inflation, supply chain difficulties, technical failures and much more. Airlines battled to remain on schedule, and while there is room for improvement at most airlines, the signs are encouraging.

Ramping back up operations so quickly after an enforced slowdown is not easy to do and the top-ranked airlines and airports in Cirium’s 2022 On-Time Performance Review deserve their recognition for this well-orchestrated achievement

Cirium Chief Executive Officer – Jeremy Bowen
Daniel Fowkes
05 Jan 2023
· Airlines 

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