Asiana Airlines To Double Melbourne Flights

Asiana Airlines says it'll return to Melbourne Airport in July and offer double the amount of flights with four weekly services on the A350.

Asiana Airlines has been conducting a brief two-month test period of operating twice-weekly flights between Seoul and Melbourne and has unveiled new plans to return.

As part of the new plans, the airline will once more return on a seasonal basis from July 2 through September 2, 2024. This will be the third time the airline has launched towards the city in the last five years.

The first attempt came moments before the arrival of the global pandemic and was Asiana’s attempt to understand market demand to make the service more permanent eventually.

Ongoing discussions were present, and those indicated that had the pandemic not arrived, the airline would’ve been very interested in operating year-round.

However, with zero travel demand and airlines finding ways to preserve their business rather than expand, there was no return date for Asiana, who faced bigger problems.

That commitment to Melbourne changed in 2023 when Asiana Airlines announced it would commence a two-month trial to the city once more from December 2023 through February 2024. This service announcement would see twice weekly flights operated by the A350.

By all accounts, these services have succeeded and will thus see Asiana return soon rather than later to the airport and broader city. However, the city will have to wait a little longer for a year-round service announcement.

Asiana Returning Again

From July 2, 2024, the airline will return to Melbourne Airport. However, this service will see double the flights per week that occurred during this most recent two-month trial.

During the summer holidays in Australia, Asiana Airlines offered twice-weekly flights. These flights will increase four times a week during the two-month stint from July to September.

Service is expected to operate on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays, with departure from Melbourne Airport at 2310 and a touchdown in Seoul at 0915 the following morning.

Asiana Airlines will connect the two locations with the state-of-the-art and modern Airbus A350-900. Asiana has ultimately enjoyed substantial success in Melbourne during its trial.

Looking ahead, if demand continues, Asiana Airlines would no doubt like to make such a service year-round rather than seasonal and, in some instances, a temporary trial.

Comments From Melbourne Airport

Seoul was Melbourne’s largest unserved market, so it was no surprise to us when in January we saw an average load factor of 96% on all Asiana flights arriving into Melbourne Airport, which represents fewer than 10 vacant seats free on almost every flight. We know there’s huge demand for this service with more than 4500 passengers flying between the two cities across December and January. This new seasonal service will coincide with Korea’s peak holiday period, so we expect it to attract even stronger demand.

Melbourne Airport Chief of Aviation Jim Parashos
Daniel Fowkes
18 Feb 2024
· Routes 

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