AnadoluJet Rebrands To AJet

Turkish Airlines rebrands AnadoluJet to AJet with a new livery and massive overhaul to the branding on this Airbus A321neo

AnadoluJet was founded 15 years ago by Turkish Airlines. The primary intent was for services to be affordable for customers.

Now, AnadoluJet is no more, with Turkish Airlines Group announcing it would undergo a thorough rebrand to more simply AJet.

A Rebrand To AJet For Future Flying

The company announced the major name and branding change to a more simplified AJet name across social media.

AJet says that a move towards a more simplified name allows them to reinvent themselves and slot into key markets better than ever before.

The rebranding was revealed as part of a ceremony in Istanbul, with Turkish Airlines putting its subsidiary in the spotlight.

All these developments come alongside AJet, seeking its Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC). A move to this would be what the company labels as hugely essential to act as its own carrier despite being part of the Turkish Airlines Group.

A Livery Change

While the move to AJet is significant, the airline will adorn a new livery alongside the updated name branding.

A new livery with the revised AJet branding has been applied to an Airbus A321-271NX registered as TC-LUC.

The revised branding features large titles of the refreshed AJet logomark towards the front of the jet, similar to most airlines.

Meanwhile, there are varying shades of blue throughout. Blue is a core colour for the brand refresh. This extends to the tail, where a large A, the primary logo mark, is featured in white.

Overall, the revised livery and branding have been labelled by most as just another ‘Eurowhite’ scheme. A common trend across carriers in recent history that they have refreshed their branding.

The Eurowhite scheme typically follows a pattern similar to that seen with AJet. It features a predominantly white fuselage with a logomark towards the front of the aircraft. Meanwhile, the tail will have one solid colour with a white logomark featured.

The Fleet At AJet

AJet operates with a fleet of 75 in-service aircraft spread across three family types.

Its most significant type, when measured by active units, is the 737 family, where 54 aircraft remain in service. This program averages 15.5 years, with the 737-800 featuring next-generation 737-8s.

The company is heavily transitioning towards new technology with the A320neo and A321neo featuring as well.

These aircraft accompany existing A320ceo family jets, bringing down the average age for these operations significantly and improving efficiency.

Daniel Fowkes
25 Nov 2023
· Airlines 

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