American Airlines To Appeal Northeast Alliance Termination

American Airlines will officially appeal a recent ruling regarding its Northeast alliance with JetBlue.

The appeal will be filed following the verdict being handed down on the 19th of May from the US District Court judge. This verdict meant American Airlines and JetBlue would be forced to terminate their Northeast alliance.

American Airlines, however, wishes to continue working with the DOJ and JetBlue to find ways to have the Northeast alliance continue at all costs.

The pair continue to highlight that the alliance was founded for the right reasons. This goes against the ruling that claimed the pair entered the Northeast Alliance for the sole benefit of themselves and to look towards taking out the competition.

The alliance was launched in 2020 and saw the two airlines come together for codeshare agreements and frequent flyer benefits. It has primarily been labelled as beneficial for New York and Boston travellers. However, some parties believe a coming together has sparked far worse repercussions.

American Airlines and JetBlue have only downplayed the ruling since it was handed down. Indicating they firmly believe they’ve done nothing wrong and will do everything to resolve it. While aware that the order will impact their operations, they are eager to right the wrongs.


    • No comment from JetBlue with regards to the stance regarding appealing the termination. Initially they were agreeing with American Airlines that they didn’t do any unlawful


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