American Airlines And JetBlue Begin Separation

American Airlines Boeing 777 flying

As part of a court ruling and a decision by both parties, JetBlue and American Airlines have announced they’ll formally wind down their Northeast Alliance.

As a result, the first step in a lengthy termination will see the sales of codeshare flights cease on the 21st of July, 2023. A date is now issued to all customers.

During the first process, it is a very important one. There was always a split between those for the Northeast Alliance and those against it. However, the vast majority that utilised its services believed it was beneficial, and such a ruling is a surprise.

JetBlue recently announced its formal intent to terminate the alliance and not try to overrule or appeal the decision further.

A decision by JetBlue came as they wished to prioritise their acquisition of Spirit Airlines to try and form a major U.S. carrier that can turn the big three airlines into a big four.

However, for JetBlue, similar to already comments and backlash over the Northeast alliance with American Airlines, the road to approval for their deal with Spirit isn’t expected to be smooth sailing.

Daniel Fowkes
18 Jul 2023
· Airlines 

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