Lufthansa Grounds Flights

Today Lufthansa announced that it had suspended its network following an IT failure in Frankfurt, one of its important hubs. As a result of the IT issue, crucial systems were not working, preventing the airline from checking in passengers. In addition, other vital services to process passengers were unable to be incomplete.

Lufthansa revealed that as construction work takes place around Frankfurt, a fibre optic cable was damaged. This fibre optic cable belonged to a telecom service provider, and in turn, it caused a widespread outage for Lufthansa.

As Frankfurt began to see overcrowding, the decision was made to divert inbound traffic to other local airports that weren’t presented with such severe issues.

The outage, as expected, has caused widespread problems for the Lufthansa network, with flights being halted most of the day. In addition, passengers are severely impacted by IT system crash too. However, grounding the services and delaying them is necessary to maintain the safety of those inside the airport and anyone stepping on a flight.

Flights have now resumed out of Frankfurt Airport. However, the airline will now have to deal with the tens of thousands impacted by the delays and cancellations.

This article will be updated as more comes to light.


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