Asiana Airlines A321 Door Opened Inflight


A routine Asiana Airlines Airbus A321 service to Daegu International Airport faced a rude awakening when a passenger managed to open the left-hand emergency exit.

The A321, registered as HL8256, was first delivered to the airline in 2012 and flies with Asiana Airlines, a major airline in Asia currently tying the knot with Korean Air for one of the largest airline mergers seen to date.

The aircraft landed safely following the door being open mid-flight. However, there were reports of breathing difficulties for the passengers onboard, with several being taken to the hospital to undertake tests and validate their condition.

Videos of passengers strapped into their seats with gusts impacting them can be seen. As such, questions have arisen about how such an action could happen with substantial discussion on pressurisation in the cabin too. It’s just not something typically seen in the industry and therefore it’s what makes the videos and imagery from the incident all the more shocking.

Authorities say that the individual that opened the door had been arrested, and the aircraft, which didn’t sustain any damage, has been parked as necessary checks take place on the aircraft to conclude how this all unfolded.

Daniel Fowkes
27 May 2023
· Airlines 

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