Air Transat Flight Attendants Set To Strike

Air Transat Airbus A321neo

Over 2,000 flight attendants with Air Transat have voted in favour of a strike mandate, which would significantly impact travellers and the airline if moved ahead.

Breaking Down The Possible Strike

The Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), representing Air Transat employees, says 2,100 flight attendants would be included.

Such a vote following general meetings saw almost 100% vote in favour. The tally stood at 99.8% and, per CUPE, is the highest tally recorded for the Air Transat division.

The union highlighted that a strike could become legal at the beginning of 2024 and have catastrophic effects on airline operations.

However, Air Transat will work diligently to find a solution and agree to avoid walking off the job and cancelling their entire operations.

Many would argue that this long-standing process has reached its tipping point, which is why strike action is being pursued, adding that Air Transat had ample opportunity to get a deal done but didn’t.

Employees Outline Their Concerns

Following the effects of the global pandemic, with most companies slashing employees, demand surged back. As a result, employees who retained their jobs often worked the jobs of multiple people.

Additionally, with the ever-collapsing supply chains and issues at most airlines as demand returned, working conditions were at an all-time low.

While Air Transat employees seek better wages and working conditions, they only represent a small group of a much larger one that feels the same at their respective companies.

Thus far, some employee bases have successfully agreed with their employers for better pay and working conditions. However, others, like those flight attendants at Air Transat, are still searching for that deal.

Staggeringly, it was revealed that more than 50% of flight attendants have been forced to take a second or third job to continue paying the bills.

While reflecting the lack of a suitable wage, it also highlights the struggle to live in the country amid soaring prices and stagnant wages.

Understanding Air Transat’s Operations

The Canadian carrier operates 38 in-service aircraft, currently spread across primarily Airbus-produced planes.

When measured by active units, the most significant fleet type is the A321neo, with 14 in-service aircraft.

Additionally, there’s heavy reliance on the A320ceo family with A320-200s and A321-200s features.

The company flies a handful of A330-200s and A330-300s for its longer-ranged and more in-demand services.

Daniel Fowkes
28 Nov 2023
· Airlines 

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