Air Tanzania Boeing 787 Grounded In Malaysia

Daniel Fowkes
13 May 2024
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An Air Tanzania Boeing 787 has been grounded in Malaysia for the last seven months, facing critical Rolls Royce Trent 1000 engine issues.

Air Tanzania says its Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner is currently grounded in Malaysia due to critical engine issues.

Citing a design problem, it was highlighted that significant further investigations must be conducted on the engines to determine a long-term solution.

The most recent investigations, thanks to Aviation Nuggets, report that the engines are Trent 1000 Package C. Interestingly, Trent 1000 engines were also affected during the 2010s, resulting in a mass of 787 groundings due to complications.

The latest reports, which also identify the engine type, focus specifically on the fatigue caused by corrosion. Fatigue is a concern for any part of an aircraft, let alone an engine, as it can lead to cracking.

The cracking of parts is one of the primary reasons airlines are forced to ground their aircraft to allow for inspections. In the case of Air Tanzania, this grounding, which has been ongoing for the past seven months, has substantial ramifications for their business.

Fleet data shows Air Tanzania has two total Boeing 787 jets, all for the smallest member of the series, the -8. While averaging an age of 5.2 years, only one is listed as active. 5H-TCJ is the registration of the aircraft listed as in for maintenance in Malaysia; however, it remains grounded, unable to re-enter service.

While Air Tanzania appears to be the most affected by the Rolls Royce difficulties, the Federal Aviation Administration imposed restrictions on some aircraft types within the Dreamliner family. Meanwhile, Rolls Royce is also adding layers of inspections to protect the integrity of future and existing engines.

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