Air Malta To Shutdown in 2024

Daniel Fowkes
05 Oct 2023
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Air Malta Airbus A320

Air Malta will officially close in March 2024 and make way for a new national airline.

Malta’s government will similarly close the carrier to Alitalia’s departure from the industry that turned into the birth of ITA. Air Malta will thus see a replacement arrive immediately.

This is per the Prime Minister of Malta, who noted that Air Malta continues to be a loss maker, and thanks to this, there’s no reason to continue.

Malta believes having an airline for enhanced connectivity and future growth is essential. However, Air Malta has been struggling for some time, and similarly to what took place with ITA, the vision with a carrier reborn is to pump additional funds.

A fundamental stumbling block for the current Air Malta was the refusal from the European Union to continue adding fresh state aid to the company. Malta believes they were thus given no choice.

Talk of shutting down Air Malta has been a long time in the making, with a lot more thought going into the shutdown and official plans for a relaunch coming into the picture.

Per Cirium, Air Malta currently has a fleet of nine aircraft. These are for the A320 family, with three A320-200s and six A320neos.

However, the airline will see eight Airbus A320neo aircraft flying from March 31 2024, when the new airline is slated to launch operations.

The new national airline will look towards being profitable for the long term and sustainable on its own without further backing required from the government. It is a lengthy and ambitious process, but one that there is a firm belief can be achieved.

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  1. I was really hopefull that air Malta or easy jet would return to flight time from Southend Airport. As had a few great flights to Malta and back. A couple with air Malta and also easyjet. But due to covid both stopped flying from Southend city airport as its now known. Would have loved for ether to come back,and go to Malta again. The flights we went on were always full there and back

  2. So long as Ryan air DO NOT OPERATE or continue at Malta airport I will be happy and I think thousands of other people think the same. The times before in the distant past at other airports we have been herded on to there planes like cattle and treated impolitely is beyond a joke. 1 second late at the boarding gate – NO ENRY! NO EXCUSES I sincerely hope Jet 2 / EasyJet get a big deal as well as the new airline taking over AirMalta who are the complete opposite to Ryan air!! We have had great experiences flying with AirMalta and sorry it’s soon to vanish.

  3. I will miss Air Malta.
    I always travelled to Malta with Air Malta.
    I always had good service and comfortable flights.
    All the best to the future.

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