Air Malta To Shutdown


Air Malta will be closed by the end of the 2023 calendar year. Unfortunately, Malta’s flag carrier has no choice following the European Commission refusing additional funding.

Air Malta had been struggling financially for some time. However, with the announcement that no more funding would be provided, shutting down became the only option.

There are still plans for Malta to have a national carrier. Like ITA Airways and Alitalia, the Maltese government will look to start a new carrier after Air Malta’s collapse.

Thus, the nine currently in service aircraft will be removed from Air Malta. It is unclear if they’ll transfer to the new carrier now or if only some will. However, it’s a monumental decision that will impact many lives too. This comes following all employees being told they’ll be laid off but will be able to apply for new jobs with the new national carrier.

Air Malta downsized significantly in recent times following their pressured state. As a result, its current operational fleet is young. Per Cirium, 50% of their fleet is under six years, with 30% being from 12-18. Their most significant aircraft type is the A320neo, which operates exclusively with narrowbody jets.

Daniel Fowkes
19 Apr 2023
· Airlines 

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  1. 1 word describes the situation at airmalta… Corruption. They’re laying off everyone then re-employing those they want to employ, not those they really need. I hope the EU looks into these practices closely.

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