Air India To Undergo Rebrand

As part of continued efforts to rebuild Air India and, as such, transform the image most perceive the company to be, there are reports that a rebrand is on the cards.

According to sources of local Indian media, Tata Group are looking at unveiling updated branding at an event taking place in the coming days.

Notably, the identity will evolve under the transformation to a much more simplistic and streamlined fit. Immediately seeing it tied better in with current branding trends.

This will include a new reported livery featuring the wider updated branding. Many believed such a branding decision to be natural considering the sizeable investment into next-generation aircraft as Air India enters its next era and one that promises to be better.

In January 2022, Tata completed the acquisition of Air India after many years of deliberation and the Indian government struggling to source an owner to help the debt-ridden and highly frowned upon company.

Significant changes have occurred since new ownership came in, including nearly 500 aircraft from Airbus and Boeing being ordered, where deliveries will begin later this year.

The rebranding of Air India follows a string of substantial changes taking place in the broader group, including consolidation and more. These are all deemed necessary steps to transform Air India into a leading choice for flying and one that Indians can be proud of.

Air India has 111 in-service aircraft, which will massively grow when the 475 aircraft on order are delivered to the airline.


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