Air India Express New Livery Revealed

Daniel Fowkes
19 Oct 2023
· Airlines 
Air India Express' new livery unveiled on the Boeing 737 MAX

Air India Express has officially unveiled its new identity. The low-cost regional carrier of Air India is going with a complete rebranding to enter a new era.

The Branding and Livery Refresh

The fresh start labelled for Air India Express was unveiled on a new Boeing 737-8, part of the MAX series.

The 737 MAX is slated to play a pivotal role in the group’s future. Given all the changes announced, it’s believed that now is the ideal time to unveil its next era.

Air India Express’s refresh is built off the mainline Air India refresh. The Express rebrand takes key elements and refines them to fit a different kind of business within the industry.

On the aircraft, there is a dominant feel of orange throughout. The low-cost unit hopes that the orange reflects the warmth of India and its culture.

The limitless possibilities first shown on the Air India tail continue on the Express brand. Painted winglets and large titles can be present throughout, too.

The Growth Of Narrowbody Aircraft

As part of a sizeable commitment to 470 aircraft, the Air India Group will receive one aircraft every six days through 2024. A significant commitment that’ll continue steadily for years to come.

The new aircraft include narrowbody and widebody aircraft. These planes will be used for various missions and to reflect ambitions laid out by Tata Group.

170 narrowbody aircraft is a goal the group hopes to achieve over the coming years. The belief is that single-aisle planes such as the 737 MAX can propel the company’s domestic and short-haul international markets.

A New Era For Air India

The rebrand for Air India Express is part of the group’s significant rebuild and transformation.

Tata Group has a vision for these companies to become world-class carriers. However, to achieve this, much change is required.

Air India has had a tough time in recent history. This has included severe financial troubles and substantial backlash from the public.

The backlash from the public has centred around a poor cabin product, below-par service and much more that impacts experience.

Air India has committed to hundreds of new aircraft and is revamping its cabin product and a thorough rebrand.

As part of all these changes, the hope is that the past can be put behind the group. It wants a future with limitless possibilities, aligning with a critical focus of the liveries announced.

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