Air India’s Big Future

Daniel Fowkes
28 Feb 2023
· Airlines 

Air India recently announced one of the most significant aircraft orders in commercial aviation history. The order consisted of almost 500 firm commitments from Airbus and Boeing, with options for hundreds more. However, ownership at the carrier is plotting a considerable expansion of its employee base to cope with the incoming aircraft.

The airline says that it’ll be hiring 4200 new cabin crew and a subsequent 900 additional pilots. These additional employees will join this year, highlighting the expansion plans.

While the airline ordered brand new aircraft, before this, it also announced previous plans to lease aircraft. Leasing aircraft as per the airline is a short-term fix, whereas the order for A350s, 777X aircraft and much more are for the long term.

As more aircraft continue to join the Indian carriers network, they need to be equipped with the correct number of staff to handle it. As a result, the airline has had to adjust its personnel domestically and internationally to shape the future of the Air India group.

This a future that Tata group, the owners of Air India, are hoping will be far brighter than what previous years have been like for the group. As a result, maintenance engineers will be a significant focus point for the airline.

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