Air Canada Unveils New All-Black Livery

air canada jetz airbus a319 wearing new all-black livery

Jetz, part of Air Canada, is the home of premier charter aviation services with a superior business class to satisfy customers.

However, its fleet is set to receive a substantial upgrade with a new look for Air Canada Jetz. The same maple leaf found on mainline and regional aircraft will be present through a livery change. However, the entire body has been painted in black now, too.

As a brand, Air Canada wanted to ensure that its Jetz division was instantly recognisable. They believe they can achieve this by painting the aircraft in one colour, predominantly black.

Jetz will also upgrade its cabin to ensure that the fleet’s passengers have the best possible experience.

Air Canada is not the first company to paint a charter aircraft in all black; it is a popular colour choice and significantly differentiates the brands of Air Canada.

Air Canada Jetz has a fleet of one Airbus A320 and three Airbus A319s, with quotes available if such a plane is required.

However, usually, Jetz has been responsible for carrying famous musicians and sporting teams such as the Montreal Canadiens, Toronto Maple Leafs and other NHL teams within Canada.

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09 Sep 2023
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      Just because one airline paints their aircraft in one manner doesn’t necessarily mean it’s off limits to others. The ‘All Black’ ANZ scheme is just a one off for each aircraft type but other charter companies and groups through the years have also painted their planes in black.

  1. Great plane and great “on aircraft service”. Sadly this review is not all about the great but more about the unprofessional, down right gangsta wanna be attitude my wife and I experienced at the gate attempting to enter the aircraft. Long and short our initial flight was cancelled and we were placed on this new aircraft. I had previously upgraded the seats on the initial flight and they didn’t even honour that and then separated my wife and I on the plan. When I tried to explain this to the AC staff we were met with a lot of “bro” and “dude” lingo and at one point the male staff member puffed his chest out and called me out to come back and talk to him or else. Sadly we just got on the plane and ignored this gentleman and were annoyed for the 4 hour flight. Ruined it from personnel not for aircraft.

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      Really sorry to hear about your experience Jared! Fingers crossed if next time you fly with the carrier it’s a better experience. Trust me, I’ve also had my fair share of dealings with AC that weren’t great and experienced the exact same issues regarding seating as you.

  2. Currently Air Canada cannot cool the airplanes sitting at the gates. Now some brain surgeon said paint them black. The dude wins “genius of the year award”.

    1. Correct.

      These aircraft are going to be friggin’ toasters once they sit on the tarmac in FL, NV, TX, AZ especially during the summer months and the ground carts can’t keep up. Marketing obviously didn’t consult with the Engineering folks on this one……the same dufus’ who though cream colored carpeting is a good idea on aircraft.

  3. I am not surprised by this. Next they’ll be changing the name of the airline. It is pretty common for companies who have developed a bad reputation to attempt a distraction via re-brand. In this case, the airline is known world wide for disgraceful customer service. Instead of changing the overall negative behavior and fixing the actual problems, they’re altering the visual appearances of the aircraft.

    1. Ummmm, you clearly are not experienced in airlines around the world. AC is consistently rated as one of the best in the world. They’re far from perfect, but WAY better than most.

  4. Air canada is national disgraced . Canadians on whole should really boycott this airline. This airline should be voted as the world worst airline

  5. Someone who worked in the airline industry that painting the aircraft like the AC is doing makes the aircraft heavier and affects efficiency and more fuel used. That’s why airlines generally placed their livery on the tail and name of airline as letters. Minimizing the use of paint. Not sure how true this is but someone else may know more

  6. Aircanada Jetz is, a premium charter service and bears no relation to AirCanada or Rouge. From the whining comments it is obvious that most are completely ignorant of this fact and it is highly unlikely they will ever fly Jetz so the comments are even more irrelevant than most Internet comments lol.

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